Andrea Rich

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This book is not about living at ashram. It is posing the question, what are the options we have for living? Perhaps it’s time to be pioneers.

I invite you to join this cast of characters on an adventure~


Trouble at the Ashram:
A Book of Fiction

Chapter One - Read by the author


About the Author

Trouble at the Ashram is my first book of fiction~
As a storyteller, there are many ways to tell a story. I had great times creating stories and characters when I performed in small clubs with my group in NYC. It was radical guerilla theater.
A huge part of my life has also been spent redesigning spaces. It's the art of transforming a place. It, too, has a narrative. It has its own mis-en-scene. This arrangement of beauty is central to my work. As is symbiosis with nature.
What seems to drive my chariot is emancipation. Creating characters that become more of who they are meant to be. That's why I am a fan of pre-Code films, where the protagonist is often female, multidimensional, and dealing with complex life situations. They are savvy, self-aware, and jaw-dropping—as we are not used to them. Since we don't move back, we move on, the narratives that interest me now, include humor and a new code—one that is not predictable. My passion is to rock the narrative. As a new voice for a new code, one that is about absolute and total emancipation, especially for women. So much has been hijacked, and it's time to tell stories as beautiful as they are expansive. I rally for writers who blow my mind.


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